Three New Trustees Join Westhampton Free Library Board

Board of TrusteesThe Westhampton Free Library Board of Trustees voted to appoint three new Library Trustees to the Board at a special meeting held on Tuesday, February 16 at 9:30am. Westhampton Beach School District residents Eric Mirell, Mary Anne Yutes and Robert Santucci will each serve four year terms.

Mr. Eric Mirell considers the Library an integral part of his family’s life in the community. The software engineer and President of Island Business Group, Inc. has experience managing a programming, technical, sales, and administrative staff.

As a software engineer, a large part of my work is about engineering solutions to problems and ‘thinking out of the box.’ I would think I would bring some new and fresh ideas to the position.

Ms. Mary Anne Yutes has extensive fundraising experience with non-profit groups, especially the American Cancer Society. The licensed insurance professional is a principal in the Mohawk Valley Agency and has management experience in the field.

With my expertise as a former trustee of Brookhaven Library, it will be easy to do everything I can to help Westhampton Library to achieve success. I can help the Board strengthen its business model to be more successful in today’s marketplace.

Mr. Robert Santucci has been committed to community service throughout his life, coaching Little League, serving as a Board member of East End Little League and volunteering his time at a food pantry and homeless shelter. An attorney with a career spanning 39 years, he has served with distinction as an Assistant District Attorney, Special Assistant United States Attorney and a litigation and trial attorney for two New York City firms. He is now in private practice. Mr. Santucci also noted that he possesses an ability to work harmoniously with others so as to achieve common goals.

At a very early age, my love of reading was nurtured at the New York Public Library where I volunteered my services through my high school years. I would like to continue a free and open access to all members of the community through modern and traditional means.

The Westhampton Free Library Board of Trustees placed an advertisement seeking volunteers for open positions in the Southampton Press in January of this year and posted a notice to the Library’s website. Three applicants responded and were interviewed on Wednesday, February 10, following the Board’s public meeting. The Library Board of Trustees now has a full complement of seven board members.

A notice seeking applications for future volunteer positions has been placed in the March/April Library newsletter and will remain on the Library’s website. The Library’s By-Laws permit from five to seven trustees. The Board‘s decision to increase its membership to seven, the maximum permitted under its Charter, is a testament to the qualifications of the trustee candidates, and the interest of the Board in having the support of a larger membership while still remaining manageable. Board of Trustees President Thomas Moore stated:

The selection process was easy, not because there were three candidates for three positions, but because there were three terrific candidates who are ready to serve.

The process of trustee selection, by appointment or public election, as well as term limits, is a matter subject to continued evaluation. The Board looks forward to working together for the benefit of Westhampton Free Library patrons.

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February 16, 2016

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