Summer Reading Club 2017 Wrap Up

As of Friday, August 18th, the Summer Reading Club officially came to an end. Friday was the last day to log in reading hours. We will have a Summer Memories Show and Party on Wednesday, August 30th from 7-8pm. At the party, we will be giving out SRC Certificates for those children who reached the SRC goal! If you cannot make it to the party, certificates can be picked up at the Children’s Desk unitl Sunday, September 3rd. Participants will also have until Sunday, September 3rd to redeem their coins and prizes. Raffle winners will be drawn on Friday, Septmeber 1st.

In “The Seedlings” group (ages Birth-5), there were 54 participants who read a combined 1516 picture books with their parents/caregivers!

In the “Positive Thinkers” group (ages 5-8), there were 176 participants who read for a total of 1337 hours!

In the “Peacemakers” group (ages 9-12), there were a total of 138 particiapnts who read for 1298 hours!

That is a total of 368 Summer Reading Club readers, 1516 picture books, and 2635 hours!

WOW! Great reading everyone! We hope to see you again next summer! 🙂

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August 21, 2017

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