You Shouldn’t Take a Selfie During the Solar Eclipse

Social media is full of suggestions regarding how to view the eclipse in the absence of eclipse glasses. One that has been prominent over the weekend is to use your cell phone “selfie” mode. You need the same protections to view an eclipse through your phone as you do with your eyes.

“Many people will think it’s safe to take a selfie with the eclipse in the background because they aren’t looking directly at the sun,” says Tongalp Tezel, MD, a retina expert at Columbia University Medical Center. “What they may not realize is that the screen of your phone reflects the ultraviolet rays emitted during an eclipse directly toward your eye, which can result in a solar burn.”Read more at Columbia University Medical Center (

Remember, anything you read on social media, particularly in regard to your health, should always be verified by reputable medical sources.

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August 1, 2017

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