Service Limits Set for Westhampton Free Library Trustees

To allow for more diversity and opportunities for service, the Westhampton Free Library Board of Trustees unanimously voted on July 12 to adjust its bylaws as they relate to limits of service for trustees.

Through the resolution, each trustee seat now carries a service term of three years at which point a trustee can be reappointed. Additionally, trustees may only serve for a consecutive period of six years. If a trustee wishes to serve longer than six years, he or she must take a year off and then reapply for the position to serve for an additional six years. The maximum years of service as a trustee is 12 years. The resolution further created “classes” of trustee seats to ensure that the trustee seats expire systematically each year. Through a random selection process, the two Class A seats will be occupied by trustees Susan Rosenberg and Mary Anne Yutes through July 2018; the two Class B seats will have terms that expire in July 2019 and will be occupied by Mitchell Schecter and Robert Santucci; and the three Class C seats will be occupied by Thomas Moore, Barbara Matros, Steve Wisnoski. They will have an expiration of July 2020.

Prior to the approval of the resolution, board members served for terms of five years with no limit on the number of terms they could serve.

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July 17, 2017

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