Korean War Veteran Will Be Westhampton Free Library’s First Honoree

Our Hometown Heroes initiative is featured in this week’s issue of the Southampton Press.

“Thump. Even after 60 years, that innocuous sound can still cause 87-year-old Korean War veteran Peter Cuthbert to shiver—and it does not matter where he hears it.

He shared that detail this week while seated at The Beach Bakery on Westhampton Beach’s Main Street, his right hand gently clutching his still-cooling cup of coffee, as baristas hastily prepared caffeine-infused concoctions for waiting customers. Mr. Cuthbert explained that he often overhears the sound—which he always relates to the sound of a shell being fired from an enemy mortar—even when he is out completing routine activities, like enjoying a cup of Joe.”

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January 12, 2017

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