A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

A  Dog’s Purpose is a story about a dog that is reincarnated several times, trying to achieve the perfect life that will result in him going to heaven. The story spans over four lives. In his first life, the narrator lives in a den by a creek. He and his mother and siblings are then brought to a yard by a group of men, and the narrator is named “Toby” by an elderly woman. However, due to unsanitary living conditions, all the dogs are euthanized. In his second life, the narrator is a Golden Retriever. After almost dying of heat exhaustion in a hot car, he is rescued by a woman who brings him home to her son Ethan. The narrator is then renamed “Bailey”, and lives a long and full life. And, after Ethan goes to college, Bailey dies, thinking he has fulfilled his purpose. However, he is reborn as a female German shepherd and becomes a search-and-rescue dog named “Ellie”. Believing she has fulfilled her purpose for sure this time, Ellie dies of old age. But, once again, she is reincarnated, but this time is a male Labrador retriever. When ditched on the side of the road, the narrator realizes he is in a familiar place. Using the tracking skills he obtained as Ellie, he finds his way back to the farm where Ethan lives.

A Dog’s Purpose is one of my favorite books for many reasons. Dogs are my favorite animal, and it was really cool to get into the psyche of a dog. I also like this book because the concept of a dog being reincarnated until it fulfills its purpose is very interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dogs as well as anyone who wants a nice, easy read. A Dog’s Purpose definitely gives us a new perspective on dogs, and teaches us many new things about them.

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September 6, 2016

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