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In gratitude for their service and sacrifice, the Library community will recognize local veterans throughout 2017. Stop by the Library to learn about our Hometown Heroes project and find out how you can reach out to a veteran through local service organizations.


James Fogarty: Vietnam Veteran

James Fogarty: Vietnam Veteran

James Fogarty’s first Purple Heart came in an incident when his point man Bobby G. Swanson caught a Viet Cong bullet and later bled to death. Mr. Fogarty was grazed across the forehead and received a facial wound. In his year of leading sweeps and ambushes across the Vietnam countryside, this was his only casualty. … [Read more…]

Dominic Lodato, World War II Veteran

Dominic Lodato

When Dominic Lodato first served on the bench, he was assigned the David Berkowitz, AKA Son of Sam, case. Berkowitz told his lawyer he was going to put a curse on him. Judge Lodato was presiding over the civil case in which the victims were suing Berkowitz. “He was one nasty fellow,” Judge Lodato said. … [Read more…]

Hometown Heroes Remembered

Hometown Heroes Remembered

As part of its Hometown Heroes initiative, the Westhampton Free Library paid tribute to four veterans at a ceremony at VFW Post 5350 on May 25. During the posthumous ceremony, the service and sacrifices of Arma “Ham” Andon, William “Bud” Kavan, Ben Larson and Frank Matthews were recognized. Their family members were presented with an … [Read more…]

Marine Sgt. Paul Haines: Vietnam Veteran

Marine Sgt. Paul Haines: Vietnam Veteran

In gratitude of his service and sacrifice, the Westhampton Free Library paid tribute to Marine Sgt. Paul Haines, a Vietnam veteran, at a ceremony on April 27 as part of its Hometown Heroes initiative. In front of fellow veterans, library representatives and public officials, Haines was presented with a proclamation and bestowed the Vietnam 50th … [Read more…]

Sherri L. Huppert-Grassie – Chief Master Sergeant

Sherri L. Huppert-Grassie - Chief Master Sergeant

Women’s History Month, March 2017 Sherri L. Huppert grew up in Shirley where she graduated from William Floyd High School in 1988. After graduation, in 1989, she was employed as a civilian federal technician, working Inventory Management, for the Air National Guard at Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton Beach. Her future husband, Eugene Grassie, … [Read more…]

Edwin J. Cartoski: World War II and Korean War Veteran

Edwin Cartoski

The Second World War began in 1939 when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, although historians continue to debate the origins of the most widespread war in history. Over the six-year period, the Allied nations of Britain, the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fought the Axis nations of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and … [Read more…]

Peter W. Cuthbert: Korean War Veteran

cuthbert book cover retouched

Korea is known as the forgotten war. It began on June 25, 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. The American-led United Nations command (UNC) came to the aid of South Korea. China and the Soviet Union fought for the North to expand their interests beyond the 38th parallel line established at the end of … [Read more…]

Korean War Veteran Will Be Westhampton Free Library’s First Honoree

Korean War Veteran Will Be Westhampton Free Library's First Honoree

Our Hometown Heroes initiative is featured in this week’s issue of the Southampton Press. “Thump. Even after 60 years, that innocuous sound can still cause 87-year-old Korean War veteran Peter Cuthbert to shiver—and it does not matter where he hears it. He shared that detail this week while seated at The Beach Bakery on Westhampton … [Read more…]