Board of Trustees Statement

The Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone for their interest in the Westhampton Free Library. The Library is an important community resource.

At the last meeting three new members of the Board of Trustees replaced three long time members of the Board of Trustees. This brings some change. As the community knows the employees of the Library voted to form a union in August. This is a big change for our employees and they are still in the process of selecting union representatives. The Board of Trustees looks forward to this as an opportunity for better communication with the staff which has grown in size over the years along with the number of patrons we serve.

In the coming months the Board of Trustees will be working through the first contract with this union and preparing the budget for the coming fiscal year. In addition, there are currently pending administrative employee complaints that require the Board of Trustees’ attention. These are the immediate priorities for this Board and the Board is confident that with a focus on these important matters the Library will work through some growing pains and the Library will be stronger.

There has been some interest expressed in changing the selection process for members of the Board of Trustees. The Board agrees that it is important that it identify all legally eligible candidates who are willing to serve as the need for new trustees arises in the future both as terms expire in the regular course and unexpectedly. It is also appropriate to review the selection process so that the best interests of the Library are served. To be eligible to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees a candidate must be a registered voter who is a resident of the service area for this Library which is the Westhampton Beach School District. Once an application form is prepared this fact will be noticed on the Library website and the application will be made available at the circulation desk.

Volunteer organizations do find it difficult to recruit people to work many hours without pay. The Board of Trustees has the greatest interest in finding people who are willing to make such a commitment to serve our Library and our community. The level of interest in such service, along with legal considerations that may attend some changes, will help the Board of Trustees determine how best to proceed in the future.

We appreciate the community’s patience as this new Board of Trustees continues the work of the Trustees who have served before, and hopefully this Board will add to the value already represented by the Library and the people who work here.