Adrift by Paul Griffin

Imagine you and your friend going to the nice town and area of Montauk, working a summer job, and having the time of your life. After you go to a windy, rainy, and midnight party with your new friends, one goes surfing and gets lost at sea. You and your other friends think quickly and steal a boat from their neighbors to save your friend. Little did all all of you realize, that you will all get lost at sea! This story called Adrift tells this exactly story with five friends; Matt, John, Drianna, Jojo, and Stef. As they get lost at sea they will need to find new ways to survive… but will they?

I would definitely recommend this book to anybody, the plot was great as was the execution. Great for anybody who likes a mystery, or just an amazing quick read. This can make you think about how you can survive in this situation, as well as maybe preparing for it. One great aspect of this book is how it is labeled in days not chapters (ex. Day 21). Another great aspect of this book is the suspense, which was one of the reasons I like this book so much. In conclusion, this is a great book I would recommend to anybody, not just people who appeal to the genre. It has a great plot, mystery, and will always keep you thinking!

Damien Edele

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June 1, 2016

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